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 We are Kim and Phil Adikes and have been in the business of digital marketing since 1995.

We don’t follow the latest “trend marketing.” We are “virtual headlights”, looking forward and anticipating the opportunities to come.

Phil has a technical background and was a trainer for Microsoft and Novell professional certification.  He worked for a Fortune 100 Corporation before turning his skills toward helping small business. As a small business owner himself he knows how important return on investment is.

Kim has project management skills.  Kim writes the specifications for new accounts, and communicates with staff and clients. In a business of “over promise and under deliver” Kim is our key difference. Once we accept a project, Kim is the one who makes sure we can say “Promises Kept.”

We have raised 7 wonderful kids.  We travel all over the United States helping small business owners.  We love to play golf and we’ve run five 1/2 marathons together.